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its hammertime.

Let’s revive this thing shall we…

Frightened Rabbit – Head Rolls Off

Beirut performs Nantes on the streets of Paris:

Cut Copy – Feel the Love

Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow

I’m From Barcelona – Collection of Stamps

Monde Yeux; a new Swedish band I’m quite excited about!

oh ok


En Venezuela, Conio.

Me tengo que alejar del reggeaton que contamina a este pais. Como no tengo mi computadora personal, y me estoy volviendo close to loca sin mi musica, aqui les presento un desperate YouTube post.


Chrysanthemum, by Kelley Polar

Gila, by Beach House

Oxford Comma, by Vampire Weekend

The Mae Shi, Run to Your Grave

droppin’ beats

Hey internets! Lets revive this nifty blog a bit…
My computer crashed and went to Apple heaven about two weeks ago, and here’s the music that has taken priority in returning to my iTunes library…Some might say (those who were most intent on re-examining our friendship, primarily) it was a blessing in disguise, clearing all that…errr…Jackson 5 and Take That.

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (to continue the Swedish tradition)

Jose González – Teardrop

This is a cool remix of Beirut’s “A Sunday Smile,” released this week.

Animal Collective – Chores

Girl Talk – Hold Up

Jason Collet – Hangover Days (resonant with my current post-exams situation)

Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want Is You (from the Juno soundtrack, a film you should all flock to the cinema to see)

El Guincho – Cuando Maravilla Fui

El Guincho is a new Spanish artist who creatively combines Afro beat, tropicalia, and rock ‘n’ roll and makes it sound good.

over and out kiddies.

ceci n’est pas une pipe.


These days when I’m not listening to RUN DMC or the Jackson 5, DeVotchKa is the choice. A band where the drummer gets up in the middle of a live show to play the trombone. How cool is that? So in the name of Jesus, Allah or whoever runs this shit, give them a listen.

Now on to some random music that have graced my ears this week:

DeVotchKa – Dark Eyes

Burial – In McDonalds

Los Campesinos! – We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Stars – The Night Starts Here

Stars – Your Ex Lover is Dead (Final Fantasy)

The Knife – Heartbeats

Daft Punk – Touch it/Technologic, Live 2007

Jay Z – Roc Boys

The Knife – You Make me Like Charity

over and out.

“I accept chaos. I don’t know whether it accepts me.”


So here I finally am, updating the very neglected (namely by me) noise posse blog. So, after having being deeply engulfed in the very morbid and dark subject of genocide for my (finally!) ending degree, I have stepped out of Wagner and am able to enlighten your young souls with some wonderful pieces of music.

While aimlessly rummaging through YouTube, I came across some footage from a new film by Todd Haynes, I’m Not There, which tells the story of Bob Dylan’s life through six different actors. Each actor embodies a different aspect of the musician’s life. The video I saw showed Cate Blanchet’s performance in which she bares a scarily uncanny resemblance to good old Bobby D:

Among others are Christian Bale (yum), Richard Geere (double yum), and Heath Ledger (mmmm).

Naturally, I checked out the Soundtrack, which is one of the most amazing compilations created thus far. Todd Haynes creatively put together covers of the best Dylan songs, with contributions from artists like Anthony & the Johnsons, Cat Power, Los Lobos, The Black Keys, and Yo La Tengo.

The rendition by Cat Power of “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again,” Glen Hansard’s & Markéta Irglová’s cover of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” and Sufjan Stevens’ “Ring Them Bells” have basically hit it with my ipod forwards, backwards, sideways and upside-down. Can’t say I’m not jealous.

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Cat Power – Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Calexico – Just Like a Woman

Now that someone, and very loudly so, has said their goodbye, I guess I deem it appropriate to introduce myself to the blog.

I do so with this brilliant piece of comedy:

Let the show continue. Or some shit like that.

Love in an Elevator

This is simply glorious. Arcade Fire (a seven member band, mind you), plays “Neon Bible” in an elevator backstage at their Paris show.”Open ze door!”