droppin’ beats

Hey internets! Lets revive this nifty blog a bit…
My computer crashed and went to Apple heaven about two weeks ago, and here’s the music that has taken priority in returning to my iTunes library…Some might say (those who were most intent on re-examining our friendship, primarily) it was a blessing in disguise, clearing all that…errr…Jackson 5 and Take That.

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches (to continue the Swedish tradition)

Jose González – Teardrop

This is a cool remix of Beirut’s “A Sunday Smile,” released this week.

Animal Collective – Chores

Girl Talk – Hold Up

Jason Collet – Hangover Days (resonant with my current post-exams situation)

Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want Is You (from the Juno soundtrack, a film you should all flock to the cinema to see)

El Guincho – Cuando Maravilla Fui

El Guincho is a new Spanish artist who creatively combines Afro beat, tropicalia, and rock ‘n’ roll and makes it sound good.

over and out kiddies.


Una respuesta a “droppin’ beats

  1. ooh, jun, esta muy fino tu blogg, lo voy a tener marcado ….fine tunes….voy a ver a jose gonzalez el sabadoo!! por 3 vez, q pegada, hehe, bueno, beso, che


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